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Delft Simbra started in 2007. We now have over 400 registered Simbra Stud Animals. Our productive female herd has grown to 270 animals and we have 12 outstanding stud sires.

At Delft we decided to put the science of modern animal breeding to the test using the world's most advanced genetic evaluation system.  Though we only purchased the very best we also needed an objective way of improving our cattle.  We thus made a conscious decision to deliberately follow a selection policy based on Estimated Breeding Values (EBV's).


Simbra cattle breeding is about beef production. We spend most of our time and efforts on improving the beef production capability of our herd. Structural correctness and the functionality of our cattle are non-negotiable and we apply high and strict selection criteria. Our breeding objectives are sound; we follow a selection policy based on Estimated Breeding Values (EBV's). The contribution of this selection policy is reflected in the improvement in our weaning weights.


Delft has distinguished itself as a selective bull buyer and is currently or has been the proud owner of an arsenal of outstanding Stud Sires. Digger, Quantanamera, Samson, Kolskoot, Einstein, Pax, Dallas, Texas, Breker, Ben-Bee and Rube are examples of our stud sires that will do any Simbra Stud proud. Buying the right type of bull which is structurally sound and supported by good EBV’s is definitely one of our pillars of success and evidence of our breeding motto “It’s in the Mix”.

It is however the demand for our cattle in the market place and the number of clients that continue buying from us that gives stature to the statement “DELFT SIMBRA HAS COME OF AGE”.

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