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About Delft



In rural South Africa, employment plays a pivotal role in sustaining communities. In line with this, we have employed over 80 individuals, predominantly women, across our forestry, cattle, and essential oil divisions. In our plantations, the residue from the distillation process is conscientiously returned to the fields as mulch, ensuring zero wastage and contributing to erosion control, pest control, weed control, and water retention.

Delft Forestry has donated 400 hectares of company-owned agricultural land to Emaduleni (Pty) Ltd. The shareholders of Emaduleni (Pty) Ltd are the residents who inhabit that land, many of whom are employed by the Delft Group. In empowering the community, the Delft Group has enabled them to become legal landowners independently of the South African Government.

Additionally, Delft Forestry actively supports various community projects in the area, including a feeding scheme run by the Moolman Missions project and contributes to building projects at Moolman Combined, the local rural school situated on the border of one of the Delft Group's farms.

Delft Forestry is also engaged in the Recapitalization Program of the South African Government. Tito works closely with beneficiaries to establish them as successful commercial farmers. Encouragingly, the progress is noteworthy, and we are achieving outstanding results with the three protégées assigned to us.

We affirm our dedication to environmental responsibility and carbon footprint reduction by harnessing natural sources of energy. We actively integrate solar systems to minimize our ecological impact.

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