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Good day to all that read this message 
Thank you for your support and donations to our children's church over the last few years. May God truly bless you abundantly. 
When we started in 2003 (with 6 children), until today, 20 years later, we are extremely proud of all the nobodies that became somebody's. Way back, nobody in the moolman area finished matric, most left school after grade 9 or 10. Now, in 2023, we can proudly say we have 2 children who finished this week with their Bachelors degree in teaching and nursing. 
Thanks to your continued contributions, we could help with registration fees, pocket money, travel fees, and even laptops and phones.

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Delft Sponsorship of Maranatha School, Mkhondo

Let this letter serve to confirm Maranatha School’s gratitude to Delft for years of support and sponsorship. We have enjoyed enthusiastic support over the course of many years from Delft and they have never hesitated to help us in our mission to provide quality education to our more than 300 learners.

Among many other projects, Delft have generously provided the following sponsorships over the last few years:

  • Sponsored playground equipment (more than once)

  • Sponsored sports equipment.

  • Sponsored sports kit for our sports teams (rugby, netball, and soccer).

  • Helped fund school classrooms and other infrastructure development.

  • Donated a generator to help deal with load-shedding challenges.

We are forever indebted to Delft for their generosity.



Michael Curle



I could write for 100 days each day a success story. God touched so many precious souls over the years. That in itself is wonderful, to see little ones learning to love Jesus with their whole life ❤.  After they moved away from Moolman and you met them again, you can sense the love for the Lord. 

Many found jobs after matric. Many have management positions and do well. To God be the glory for giving them these positions to make a difference. 
Ntando Shabalala is working at clicks in mall@mfula as financial manager. She managed to do her driver's license last year and last week she bought a car. I'm so proud of you, my girl. My God keep you safe on the roads.

Sphiwe Kunene works in a manager's position in Ermelo. She received her diploma in February for Marketing management. So proud of you. 

Then we have many others that really are miracle children.  Nonto started a business with her dad where she is packing and selling charcoal. As a child, doctors said she would not reach the age of 8. Through God's grace and love she is 24 this year.

There is Zodwa  that came to church 8 years ago (brought by one of the children)covered in mud, beads and blood on the brink to become a witch doctor. Jesus set her free! Now she is is leading the singing and her children are stars for the Lord.

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This is Nkosingphile Lukhele ( nickname  Spickels)
She studied in Port Elizabeth Nelson Mandela University for her Bachelor of Nursing NQFL8R425.
She will be a professional nurse with bars in general nursing,  psychiatrist, midwifery, and community. She is so committed to making a difference. She can't wait to hear where her coms year will be. But we all  are praying for closer to home.
What is so special about this girl she and her older sister brought her grandmother,  mother, and 2 aunts to church. With her older sister having children already, it makes 4 generations attending church nearly every Sunday.  We are so proud of Spickels

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